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Friday, July 03, 2020
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Bruin Pantry Food Drive

Date: Saturday, August 24, 2019
Time: -
Location: HNC


Food Drive Info

A CHS Program That Provides Supplemental Resources To Students With An Unmet Need.


An Outreach Ministry That The HNC Family Can Do.

Shop For A Need & Pray For The CHS Students!


School is Starting & Our Giving Would Greatly Help During This Time.


Food Bags | Toiletries | School Supplies


Individually Wrapped, Single-Serving &

No Refrigeration Required


Most Needed Food


Microwavable Meal-in-a-Can



   Soups with pull tab openings

Trail Mix


Snack Crackers



Cheese/Peanut butter Crackers


CHS has 30+ Students Utilizing the Bruin Pantry


It is all Dependent upon Donations!


Pray for the Students & Faculty


If You Are Able To Give

Bring Food To HNC

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